Change In Plans
December 2006

Some time in August I had a number of major elephants, err, epiphanies. I'd gotten well along on the hub and upright when it occurred to me that it'd probably be another 3 years before I'd finally drive the thing, and I wouldn't even know if the car would be competitive.

Still that would have been a minor obstacle compared to what happened next. Through some other work I'm doing in transportation and trucking, I've come to realize that vehicles of the future will be powered by electricity. Yeah, I know we've all heard that before. I'm not saying this is going to happen overnight but there's enough momentum behind it now to have a realistic chance of critical mass in the foreseeable future. What does this mean for my project? It means if this were the late 1800s I would have been preparing to build a superb carriage right before the advent of the automobile.

So I changed course: Took my racing kart out of storage, tore it down, cleaned it up, and put it back together. Now I'm going to install an electric drivetrain and test it out, with the hope of making it perform as well as it did when it was powered by gasoline.

This kills 3 birds with one stone. I build my first electric vehicle, it gets me back to racing sooner, and it opens the door to a very bright future with alternative fuels. Below are pictures of chassis reassembly. Next comes installing the electric powertrain.