Getting Started
May 2006

Happy New Year? So it's been entirely too long since my last update. Here's the latest word and I'll make sure to keep the site more current from here on out. The project is picking up a little more steam too.

First, as I mentioned last time, I finished reading all those books. It's very important that I understand what I'm getting into. Then I made some contacts and have lined up some help with a number of aspects of the project including engineering, machining, fabrication, and styling.

Next, I made a wooden mock up of the cockpit so that I check that I'd fit ok, have a good line of sight, and to gauge the height and a few other key dimensions. As you might guess the chassis can be a little narrower but needs to be lengthened to accomodate my feet, the pedals, master cylinders, and steering rack.


Now I'm researching a few more important dimensions and weights, and then I'll be ready to start seriously designing the car. The next update will be soon. Promise.