Bridgestone Racing Series Round 12
September 16, 2001

People were on the edge of their seats for this one. In qualifying I blew it. For the longest time I was 4th, but at the end I couldn't go any faster and some others did. It was pretty close, but I ended up 8th. The gap from 4th to 8th was less than 0.6 seconds.

The start of the race is really crazy when you're back in the pack because you have to keep the others behind you while trying to attack the ones in front. I couldn't get by any one at the start but was practically attached to the car in front of mine. At the first few corners on the first lap I very nearly ran into him. Just when I thought we'd hit, his car would begin to accelerate again.

About half way through the first lap, I rounded a corner and in my mirror I saw a car sliding, then another car running into it and launching up into the air. I could see the top of the driver's helmet. Not good!

Luckily, he landed right side up but his race was over. There was a full course yellow while the cars were hauled off and then it was back to racing. I had been having minor difficulties in qualifying (slightly sloppy steering) but I figured how to drive around the problem and began to run the others down.

I put pressure on the others and eventually found a way passed 7th, then 6th, 5th, and 4th. I was definitely in the zone. By the time I was in 4th, 3rd was a bit up the road and I worked hard to reel him in. When I finally caught up to him the "Last Lap" sign came out and I knew I had only 2 chances left.

At the end of the main straight I was a little bit behind but dove on the inside. It was a bit optimistic and we nearly touched wheels. I had the 2 right side wheels on the curb and I think he might have had his left side in the grass on the other side of the track too.

We were neck and neck but he was on the outside and had better acceleration so he was able to hold me off. A few corners later was the last realistic passing zone and I was just slightly too far back to pass. So I ended up 4th.

After that another driver, Michael, and I went to an indoor go kart track in Toronto and raced each other there too. It was a fun way to wind down the racing season.