Bridgestone Racing Series Round 11
September 15, 2001

This was a wild race. Unlike the previous day I had a great car. It was very neutral as far as handling. That took a little bit of adapting to because yesterday's car was completely different. The cars are all identical, but no two are really the same.

Anyway, I began pushing harder and harder and eventually had a lazy spin. Once the car was looked over in the pits I went back out and proceeded to lower my times further. I was in the groove when the checkered flag came out and the session was over, I had qualified 4th. Wouldn't you know it, my last lap was my best lap. Maybe a few more laps and I could have been on the front row (could've would've should've) since there was only 0.11 seconds separating us.

At the start of the race I was held up again due to traffic so I couldn't pass, and actually lost some time to the guy in front because of having to brake earlier for the first lap or so. But after that we got into our rhythm and I began to chase down 3rd place.

It was a battle of will and patience as each lap our times would vary by just fractions of a second. After a dozen laps I had reeled him in and was only a few car lengths behind. Then I came down a hill at full speed (approximately 120 mph/195 kph) and while downshifting into 1st gear for the turn, I accidentally snatched the rear wheels and went spinning off the track.

There was so much dust and dirt inside of my helmet that I couldn't even see out of it for a few seconds. Then I was just sitting in a cloud of dust. Finally, one car crept by, and then another followed by another. I had ruined a perfectly good race.

The engine had stalled and I couldn't get it to restart at first. I finally got it going again and set out after the next guy. Over the next several laps I overtook one car and then attempted another but couldn't manage to pull it off before the end of the race. I finished 10th.