Bridgestone Racing Series Round 10
September 14, 2001

The weekend didn't get off to a great start. We discovered a fuel leak in the first car while I was being fitted. So I had to change cars. I was all belted in when I noticed the second car had a steering problem. The steering rack was loose and so I had to wait while the mechanics fixed that, losing precious practice time.

Once underway I was having all sorts of problems with the pedals. They were very inconsistent, catching my foot a certain way at one turn, then another way at the next and it varied all the time. I came back into the pits, the nose was pulled off and the mechanics discovered that the brake pedal was loose. Yay! Nothing like that to inspire even more confidence.

After everything was adjusted I finally got some decent practice, and I found I just didn't like that particular car. It was tail happy and that, in turn, made it somewhat slow. In qualifying I ended up 8th.

At the start of the race I made a great start, but the others ahead were slow and I was boxed in so I couldn't attempt any passes. Gradually I worked my way up to 6th. The guy behind me was quite quick and pressured me for almost the entire 2nd half of the race.

Lap after lap he'd shadow my wing and fill up my mirrors. But I was just quick enough that he couldn't pass. By the last turn he attempted to pass me and we had a drag race all the way to the checkered flag. I edged him by about half a car length. It was very close.