Bridgestone Racing Series Round 6
July 29, 2001

It was a tough day. I ended up with car 3 which is the same car I had in Round 3 that I elected to switch out of. It was still a beast to drive and I missed 2nd gear a few times. But I was determined to drive it because we are only allowed to switch cars twice in a season. It was better to try and adapt. I also still had the balance problem at that particular corner (Turn 10). At least we found where the seat was cutting me the day before and corrected that problem (protruding shard of fiberglass).

In qualifying I was blackflagged and came into the pits only to be told, "Oops! Sorry, we meant to bring in someone else." So I went back out and promptly spun. After that I got down to business and put in what was to be my qualifying time. I ended up 11th again.

The start of the race was messy. It was unusual to be that far back. The first corner was wild, with cars everywhere. Things were very slow, like a traffic jam. But I made up a few spots. After that things settled down.

A few laps later, unfortunately, I was trying very hard to exit Turn 10 well and spun in a cloud of sand and dust. A train of cars went by. Eventually I regained a few positions and ended up 11th again, right where I began. The car looked like it had crossed a desert.

After the race I had a new seat moulded in preparation for next time. No more sharp edges for my back.

This weekend as a whole was the worst I've ever done. My best result was worse than my worst finish last time. But not to worry, I'll get it right and do better next month.