Bridgestone Racing Series Round 5
July 28, 2001

Things went better than the day before. I tried to shake off the effects of the previous two days and do better. The downside was that I couldn't exit a particular corner well. This turn also led onto the longest straight. So I wasn't very fast at the end of it. I qualified 6th.

In the first part of the race I was hounded by the guy in 7th. Then he went to pass at the end of the straight. This was where I crashed last month attempting the same move, but pulled it off the day before.

I gave him room but he misjudged the corner, locked his brakes and slid off the track in a cloud of smoke. While waiting for him to get out of the way so I could turn into the corner, the driver in 8th place went by both of us on the inside.

Lap after lap I tried to chase him down but couldn't quite catch him and ended up finishing 7th. I didn't make any big mistakes. It was better, but not great. And while taking a shower that evening I discovered I had minor swelling and a cut in my lower back from the seat. Not pleasant.