Bridgestone Racing Series Round 4
July 27, 2001

I didn't have a good race due, in part, to a lack of sleep and the previous day's events. My car was the same car I had when I took the class and it was ok. But I struggled in practice and just couldn't find the right balance, qualifying in 11th place.

In the race I had a decent start and retained my position. I also made the same pass at the same spot as the last time. But this time I pulled it off without any problems.

As the race progressed I made up some ground and gained 4 or 5 positions. But then I spun and lost some places. So I trekked home in 9th place, just glad it was over.

After the race I went back to the Bed & Breakfast and went for a run. Then I sat down and thought things through for the next day, determined to improve.