Maryland Divisional Series
September 30, 2000

It was nearly a perfect day. I started second and won the heat race. Then I won the feature and set the fastest lap. I've gone about as quick as anyone has ever gone around Monrovia in a 100cc Yamaha kart. I demolished my previous best time by 0.4 seconds and had no mechanical problems. Everything that I needed to do I did. Over the course of the season I won 3 of the 6 Maryland Divisional Series (Formula Yamaha class) races.

So why wasn't it a perfect day? It's not yet official, but I lost the championship by 1 point. The tentative final tally is 892 to 891 points, in my opponent's favor. The difference is literally one-tenth of one percent.

In retrospect (it's always clearer) I lost the championship 2 weeks before at Sandyhook. Due to a carburetion problem I was unable to rectify at the time, my engine was not making maximum power and I finished 2nd. Second is not bad, but it is when your main rival wins.

In the end I basically won the battle and lost the war. Hopefully I miscalculated and the official standings will be in my favor. But I'm not holding my breath.

Am I disappointed at the outcome? Certainly. Am I disheartened? No. I did everything that was possible on that given day and scored maximum points. I drove better than I ever did before. It felt good and I'll still be able to move up regardless.