Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series Finale
September 20, 1997

Another season has passed as we close out the 1997 racing year. It was memorable to say the least. Our final race of the year went quite well. It was the sixth and final event of the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) Championship. Monrovia, Maryland was the same as the last time we visited, but there were overcast skies. Robís brother, Matt, and some of our friends from school came to watch and to help out. It was terrific fun. We practiced for what seemed like hours, trying little changes to the kart each time.

After the first several heat races, the clouds moved in and flooded the track. I had already completed my heat (finishing second), but Rob had yet to race. The situation didnít look promising. Everyoneís equipment was under tarps and people were thinking about packing up. But then the rain abated and the track was swept and dried.

Eventually it was opened for practice to help dry it out. We certainly did our part. It was to be another one of those unforgettable experiences. Night had fallen as I eased out onto the wet track. As I worked my way up to speed I found that the kart had much more longitudinal traction than lateral traction. Turning in was difficult because it kept wanting to plow straight. But braking and acceleration were still quite good.

Once I altered my driving line, it was terrific. There were karts spinning off everywhere, often right in front of me. Luckily I was able to avoid them all. A couple of times I got it out of shape going into a turn, but was able to keep from spinning. It was tremendously enjoyable.

After the track dried, racing resumed. In the features I finished third and Rob finished fourth in his class. There was some very close racing. The Mini-Cup cars are very exciting to watch since they tend to have at least a few spins and crashes during each race... another way they're similar to stock cars.

Finally, I won the 1997 MASS Championship in the Yamaha Light class, and Rob won the title in the Yamaha Heavy class. Consistency paid off.

Of course our focus now is on next year. Nothing is sure yet but hopefully though, we will be driving a more modern and adjustable chassis. We almost worked miracles with the one we had this year.